Copy Cat Fidgetivities™

SS 7164

These awesome decals are terrific for children that need to fidget with their hands! These activities are great for desktops at school, desks or tables at home, or on water bottles or books for on the go. Challenge your friends to test their skills at keeping up with your sequence of finger movements and see if they can keep up with you! Use these Copy Cat Fidgetivities™ and let your fingers move to help with self-regulation, anxiety and focus, but also just for fun!.

Each set includes 12 Super Stickers® They are made of durable, safe 3M materials, just like our Super Stickers®, that do not leave sticky residue that cheaper adhesives can leave. 

Size: Each Super Stickers® product is 3.25 inches x 5.5 inches

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Copy Cat Fidgetivities™
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