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Rainbow Infinity Loop SUPER STICKERS®
Nothing brightens up a classroom and hallways like a rainbow.Slide, leap, skip, hop, or jump! The rainbow infinity loop lets your kiddos show you how they can move "to infininty ... and beyond!" Set consists of 26 stickers and movement...
$350.00 $323.98
Pre-K Play Space Saver® Roll-Out Activity®
Introducing our Pre-K Play Space Saver® Roll-Out Activity® These self-guided activity mats are a more compact version of our regular Roll-Out Activities® line, designed for in-classroom, tele-med, or home remote use. They can be used at the back of the classroom, between...
Nature Sensory Pathway SUPER STICKERS® Package
Our most popular sensory pathway as seen on NBC News New York back in 2019! This nature-themed bundle has all the essential sensory movements! When your students see these bright, welcoming graphics, they'll jump for joy! And so will your...
$701.50 from $605.00
Wake up your whole body with wall pushups!Whether you are pushing on the wall or crossing midline with your hands, the wall stickers are a great way to practice motor planning using both hands and feet. NOTE - place hands...

Our Mission at Fit and Fun Playscapes

Schools are amazing places for kids to learn. It can happen in the classroom, it can happen in the hallways, it can even happen on the playground. Here at Fit and Fun Playscapes, we strive to help the physical and mental development of children in a fun and engaging way, so we built a community filled with tools and resources for educators to help kids work towards a healthier, smarter, and more active lifestyle. We want kids to be fit, have fun and stay engaged in school. We believe that your project deserves the right touch. At Fit and Fun Playscapes, we pledge to help every single one of our clients bring their recess or sensory pathway idea to life, from start to finish.


Super Stickers®

Perfect for classrooms, hallways, motor sensory pathways, active learning spaces, brain break areas, OT/PT rooms, and after school programs.

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Reusable Stencils

These movement-based games and activities provide fun and engaging sensory, fitness and socialization opportunities for students of all ages.

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Roll-Out Activities®

Active play is possible anywhere with these portable motor sensory pathways and games, ideal for indoor recess, P.E. lessons, wellness fairs and more.

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Customer Reviews

“The sensory hallway looks as good as it did 2 years ago, which is when the stickers were laid down. Every day I see the kids jumping, hopping and “tip-toeing” their way through the hallway on their way to and from class or the bathroom. We were so happy with our sensory hallway that we placed two others in different areas in our school. Thank you Fit & Fun Playscapes.”


Occupational Therapist,
Viola Elementary School

"The Fit and Fun Playscapes stencils were easy to use and great quality. They cleaned up well so we will be able to get many uses out of them. They were perfect for our community service project. The stencils allowed for a professional looking painted playground, when in actuality, it was 9-13 year old kids that did the painting. Great product."


4-H Club Leader,
City of Grimes

“Recently I had the chance to work with Pamela at Fit and Fun Playscapes while working on a volunteer project for a local Elementary School. We didn’t even know where to begin, but the exceptional customer service that was provided by Pamela helped guide us from start to finish. It was a great experience!”


Leadership Sullivan Volunteer
Mike Preis, Inc.


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