Nature Motor Sensory Pathway Reusable Stencil Package
Our movement-based games and activities are perfect for creating fun and engaging sensory, fitness, and socialization opportunities for students of all ages. Starter Premium Deluxe Bear Crawl ✓ ✓ ✓ Elephant Walk ✓ ✓ ✓ Leap Frog ✓ ✓ ✓ Arrow, Shoe &...
$1,320.00 from $1,254.00
Daisy Hopscotch® Reusable Stencil
Let the sun shine with this happy flower hopscotch stencil! Size: Approximately 4 feet wide by 14 feet long.
Bullseye Reusable Stencil
Take aim at this large bullseye! Size: Bullseye is approximately 7 feet in diameter.
Copy Cat Reusable Stencil
This stencil is like an offline version of Dance Dance Revolution where children mimic each other’s foot patterns, adding patterns as they play. Size: Approximately 4 feet, 5 inches wide by 11 feet long.
Peace Path by Soul Shoppe Reusable Stencil
Help kids work out their recess conflicts together with Soul Shoppe’s Peace Path! Soul Shoppe’s Peace Path is being used on thousands of playgrounds across the United States, giving students a chance to resolve conflicts peacefully, literally “step by step.”...
Fitness Agility Ladder Reusable Stencil
Get your feet moving and heart rate up with this fun and active stencil! Size: Each square is approximately 1 foot, 8 inches wide. Note that this is a flexible layout stencil, meaning that it can vary in length to best fit...
Four Square/Box Ball Reusable Stencil Large
Turn it up a notch with this high energy playground favorite! Large: Approximately 14 feet 8 inches by 14 feet 8 inches. Paint kit yields approximately 1 application (using 2 coats of paint per application)
Basketball Court Key Reusable Stencil
This basketball key stencil is a slam dunk with the kids! Regulation Size: Approximately 12 feet by 25 feet.
Buddy Circle™ Reusable Stencil
Our Buddy Circle was created as a wonderful tool to address student to student conflict. Use the Buddy Circle much like you would use a "talking bench" to help children work out differences. The words and are great reminders of...
Classic Hopscotch Reusable Stencil
A classic never gets old! But just in case, we added a ton of color to give this classic hopscotch an upgrade. Size: Approximately 2.5 feet wide by 7.5 feet long.
Tessellation Maze Reusable Stencil
For the maze-lover in all of us! Size: Approximately 8 feet by 8 feet (base size). This stencil can be painted multiple times for larger mazes in increments of 8 feet, as shown.
Chess and Checkerboard (Large) Reusable Stencil
Chess and Checkers has never been this fun, and this big! Size: The inside dimension of each square is 21 inches wide. Chess and Checkers is shown in a 15 foot by 15 foot pattern.
Shapes That Shape You Up Reusable Stencils
Have fun and get fit with these shapes that shape you up! Size: Various shape sizes on 2 by 2 foot stencil sheets. Note that this is a flexible layout stencil, meaning that you can control the pattern to best fit your space.
Animal Paw Prints Reusable Stencil
Take a walk on the wild side with these animal paw prints! Size: Each set of paw prints is on a 2 foot square as shown and sold as a set. Paw print sizes range from 4-10 inches each.
Skyscraper Hopscotch Reusable Stencil
Climb your way to the top of this retro-cool skyscraper stencil! Size: Approximately 4 feet wide by 16 feet long.
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