Nature Sensory Pathway SUPER STICKERS® Package
Our most popular sensory pathway as seen on NBC News New York back in 2019! This nature-themed bundle has all the essential sensory movements! When your students see these bright, welcoming graphics, they'll jump for joy! And so will your...
$701.50 from $605.00
Recenter Reset SUPER STICKERS® Package
This package of movements consist of mindfulness and regulation elements that help kiddos recenter and reset their bodies so they go back to the classroom, ready to learn.Movement is essential to finding homeostasis (balance) in ones sensory system. Giving kiddos...
$590.00 from $495.00
On Sale!
Garden Party SUPER STICKERS® Package
This set of garden-inspired movements and graphics are perfect for Pre-K kiddos. Beginner numeracy and literacy skills is the focus here, as well as signature sensory motor skills. Sizes: Layouts are flexible and can be adjusted to fit in your...
$590.00 from $499.00
Sensory Sidekicks SUPER STICKERS® Package
Hallways are no longer just a way to get between rooms. With these sassy, anime-inspired sidekicks, now they're a place where kids can be kids and get their wiggles out. Give your kiddos opportunity to get up and MOVE during...
$740.00 from $632.50
On Sale!
Pre-K Possibilities SUPER STICKERS® Package
Pre-K kids need movement just for them! Combining movement, letters, numbers, shapes and colors, this package of stickers is jam packed with options. Begin with midline crossing and challenge your kiddos with high and low wall patterns. Move on to...
$509.00 from $440.00
Wellness SUPER STICKERS® Package
This wellness-based package of stickers focuses on essential exercises and mindful movements to get kiddos moving so they can come back to the classroom, ready to learn. A must for all who are looking to provide mindfullness movements for their...
$316.50 from $275.00
Daisy Hopscotch® SUPER STICKERS®
One of our best sellers, and you can see why with these colorful stickers.Hopscotch is such a great way to let children express their ability to hop and jump. Encourage alternating movement patterns (R/L). Play the traditional Hopscotch game and...
Log off of digital games and jump your way over this log pathway.Jump on, jump off, or jump over! The log jump is a great way to link your pathways together and can be used everywhere! Set consists of 6...
Toe-to-Heel Footprints SUPER STICKERS®
The kiddos will need to go slow and concentrate on this one.Toe to heel walking is the classic test for balance. Practice using arms out and eyes up to get full performance from your kiddos! Set consists of 16 footprint...
Wake up your whole body with wall pushups!Whether you are pushing on the wall or crossing midline with your hands, the wall stickers are a great way to practice motor planning using both hands and feet. NOTE - place hands...
No one is crabby after navigating our colorful Crab Crawl stickers.Strengthen shoulders and core while watching funny faces form during the Crab Crawl! It isn't the easiest skill but one that many children will benefit from if they work at...
Get those knees up and march like an ant with these colorful stickers.Exagerate your march using full arm swings and high knees. Encourage eyes up to promote balance too! Set consists of 16 ant stickers and movement word "March" sticker....
Step your way down the wallway with these colorful stones.Step, yes. But you can jump, hop, leap, or stomp too! These stones promote heavy work (proprioception) while enhancing motor skill patterns. Set consists of 8 stone stickers and 1 movement...
Slow down and tiptoe on our loop-d-loop sticker. Even the colors are calming.Walking on your toes promotes balance and strength while attending visually to the task! Tip toe slowly as quiet as a mouse - keeping your eyes on the...
Hop Letters and Shapes® SUPER STICKERS®
Hop by letters, or hop by shapes. Either way, your students will be happy hopping.Integrate motor skills with cognitive learning! Challenge your kiddos to spell their favorite word while hopping, jumping, or leaping. Set consists of 26 alphabet stickers and...
Dragonfly Skip SUPER STICKERS®
Dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness in Japan. In your hallways and classrooms, they will also be symbols of fun.Skipping requires room to generate momentum and build some speed. Space the dragon flies apart to promote a full...
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