Balancing Trail Roll-Out Activities®

FFF RR 005

Part of our Fit and Fun Forever™ series, the Balancing Trail was designed to stimulate the vestibular system by encouraging movers to turn and rotate in a variety of directions and positions.  Place against the wall to get proprioceptive "pushes" in as well. Visual cues promote motor planning and postural awareness. The goal is to improve balance and mobility skills while the visual cues promote motor planning. 

Size: Approximately 4.5 feet wide by 11 feet long

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Our Roll-Out Activities® are made of high-quality vinyl that can be transported, unrolled and used just about anywhere indoors. Simply unroll our Roll-Out Activities® and bring the benefits of active play anywhere.

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Our Roll-Out Activities® feature the important qualities necessary to the safety, durability, and versatility of these activity mats. These quality features include:
Easy Set-up: Simply clean the floor surface, unroll and use.
Durability: Made of a thick, commercial grade vinyl that can last for years.
Stability: Safety is our number one concern. Designed with a textured backing to grip onto floors to provide maximum stability.
Maintenance: Clean with mild soap and water using a light, gentle, circular motion.
Storage: Easy to store – just roll them up and stack, or store them vertically in a tube.
Balancing Trail Roll-Out Activities®
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