Nature Sensory Pathway SUPER STICKERS® Package
Our most popular sensory pathway as seen on NBC News New York back in 2019! This nature-themed bundle has all the essential sensory movements! When your students see these bright, welcoming graphics, they'll jump for joy! And so will your...
$701.50 from $605.00
Nature Motor Sensory Pathway Reusable Stencil Package
Our movement-based games and activities are perfect for creating fun and engaging sensory, fitness, and socialization opportunities for students of all ages. Starter Premium Deluxe Bear Crawl ✓ ✓ ✓ Elephant Walk ✓ ✓ ✓ Leap Frog ✓ ✓ ✓ Arrow, Shoe &...
$1,320.00 from $1,254.00
Mindfulness & Kindness Reusable Stencil Package
Mindfulness & kindness for everyone! Size: varies   StarterPackage PremiumPackage DeluxePackage Tree Pose   ✓   ✓   ✓ Peaceful Warrior   ✓   ✓   ✓ Dancer Pose ✓   ✓   ✓ Easy Pose ✓   ✓  ...
$924.00 from $880.00
Wellness SUPER STICKERS® Package
This wellness-based package of stickers focuses on essential exercises and mindful movements to get kiddos moving so they can come back to the classroom, ready to learn. A must for all who are looking to provide mindfullness movements for their...
$316.50 from $275.00
Recenter Reset SUPER STICKERS® Package
This package of movements consist of mindfulness and regulation elements that help kiddos recenter and reset their bodies so they go back to the classroom, ready to learn.Movement is essential to finding homeostasis (balance) in ones sensory system. Giving kiddos...
$590.00 from $495.00
Wellness Stations Reusable Stencil Package
Wellness activities for everyone! Size: Each stencil and affirmation fits on a 4 foot by 8 foot stencil sheet. Each yoga silhouette’s height ranges from approximately 2 – 4.5 feet, depending on the pose. Note that this is a flexible layout stencil, meaning that you...
$462.00 from $440.00
Peace Path by Soul Shoppe Reusable Stencil
Help kids work out their recess conflicts together with Soul Shoppe’s Peace Path! Soul Shoppe’s Peace Path is being used on thousands of playgrounds across the United States, giving students a chance to resolve conflicts peacefully, literally “step by step.”...
Watch how quickly your kiddos balance and calm down using the tree pose.The Tree Pose is a great way to end your path and feel great about what you have accomplished! Challenge balance with eyes open or closed. Consider a...
The triangle pose is a standing yoga pose used to stretch and strengthen many muscle groups.Add to a series of mindfulness movements with the Triangle Pose. Remind your kiddos to breath and take slow deep breaths. Set consists of 1...
Help your students build self-esteem and self-worth, because they are stars!Mindful movements help kiddos feel rock solid in their shoes! Helpful reminder - be sure to put a mirror if possible so that kiddos can get feedback on the quality...
Downward dog leads to an upward mood.Encourage should girdle strength while stretching legs muscles. Challenge kiddos to keep their heels down while doing this activity. Set consists of 1 circular sticker, and movement words "Downward" and "Dog" stickers. Size: Activity...
Help your kiddos find their inner strength with this mindful movement! Turn them into learning warriors.Add to a series of mindfulness movements with the Warrior Pose. Remind your kiddos to breath and take slow deep breaths. Set consists of 1...
Moon Pose Super Sticker
Tilt towards triumph with this mindful movement!Add to a series of mindfulness movements with the Moon Pose. Remind your kiddos to breath and take slow deep breaths. Set consists of 1 moon pose sticker and movement words "Moon" and "Pose"...
Inspirational Words Reusable Stencil
Spread the word and create an inspirational culture with this playground stencil! Size: Letters vary in size from approximately 8.5 to 14 inches high. 
Buddy Circle™ Reusable Stencil
Our Buddy Circle was created as a wonderful tool to address student to student conflict. Use the Buddy Circle much like you would use a "talking bench" to help children work out differences. The words and are great reminders of...
Face Your Feelings® SUPER STICKERS®
Welcome your students and gauge how they're doing with this check-in station.Teachers can use this check-in station to capture baseline information on how their kiddos are doing before, during and after activities. Encourage kids to reflect and connect with the...
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