Nature Sensory Path SUPER STICKERS® Package
Our most popular sensory path as seen on NBC News New York back in 2019! This nature-themed bundle has all the essential sensory movements! When your students see these bright, welcoming graphics, they'll jump for joy! And so will your...
$701.50 from $605.00
Nature Motor Sensory Path Reusable Playground Stencil Package
Our movement-based games and activities are perfect for creating fun and engaging sensory, fitness, and socialization opportunities for students of all ages. Starter Premium Deluxe Bear Crawl ✓ ✓ ✓ Elephant Walk ✓ ✓ ✓ Leap Frog ✓ ✓ ✓ Arrow, Shoe &...
$1,320.00 from $1,254.00
Wake up your whole body with wall pushups! Perfect exercise for proprioceptive input, which many sensory path hallways need.Whether you are pushing on the wall or crossing midline with your hands, the wall stickers are a great way to practice...
Fitness Agility Ladder Reusable Playground Stencil
Get your feet moving and heart rate up with this fun and active stencil! Size: Each square is approximately 1 foot, 8 inches wide. Note that this is a flexible layout stencil, meaning that it can vary in length to best fit...
Side Jump Reusable Playground Stencil
Jump into action with this side jump stencil! Size: Each shoe print is 11 inches long. Stencil sheet comes with 6 shoe print sets.Note that this is a flexible layout stencil, meaning that you can control the pattern and length to best fit your space.
Recenter Reset Sensory Path SUPER STICKERS® Package
This package of movements consist of mindfulness and regulation elements that help kiddos recenter and reset their bodies so they go back to the classroom, ready to learn.Movement is essential to finding homeostasis (balance) in ones sensory system. Giving kiddos...
$590.00 from $495.00
Shapes That Shape You Up Reusable Playground Stencils
Have fun and get fit with these large shape playground stencils! Children love to see this painted on the playground in a random pattern as show, or in line to make a trail or in stations like a center. These...
Wellness SUPER STICKERS® Package
This wellness-based package of Super Stickers® focuses on essential exercises and mindful movements to get everyone moving so they can come back to the classroom, ready to learn. Perfect for fitness and wellness inspired sensory paths, brain breaks and active...
$316.50 from $275.00
Pre-K Play Space Saver Roll-Out Activity®
Our Pre-K Play Space Saver Roll-Out Activity® is perfect for your littles that need a physical, social emotional and sensory activity! Your youngest kiddos can hop, step, jump, slide, stretch, breath and affirm they are a star! Activity guide included....
Fitness Space Saver Roll-Out Activity®
Introducing our Fitness Space Saver Roll-Out Activity® These self-guided activity mats are a more compact version of our regular Roll-Out Activities® line, designed for in-classroom, tele-med, or home remote use. They can be used at the back of the classroom, between desks,...
Hop Reusable Stencil
Get hopping and hearts pumping! This hop stencil is a great way to inspire kids and adults to hop into a more healthy lifestyle. Size: Each circle is 11.5 inches in diameter. Stencil sheet comes with 5 circles. Note that this is...
Fitness Activity Circuit Reusable Playground Stencil Package
Size: Suggestions shown are approximately 25-45 feet on each side, but note that this package has a flexible layout, meaning it can vary to best fit your space.     StarterPackage PremiumPackage DeluxePackage Side Jump ✓ ✓ ✓ Hop ✓ ✓...
$1,094.50 from $1,040.00
Watch how quickly your kiddos balance and calm down using the tree pose.The Tree Pose is a great way to end your path and feel great about what you have accomplished! Challenge balance with eyes open or closed. Consider a...
Tightrope Loop Reusable Playground Stencil
Keep your balance on this twisting tightrope stencil! Size: Each stencil sheet is 3.5 feet wide by 15 feet long. Note that this is a flexible layout stencil, meaning that you can control the length to best fit your space.
Face Your Feelings® SUPER STICKERS® -Large
Welcome your students and staff to gauge how they're feeling with this check-in station. A perfect social-emotional tool and addition to any sensory path.Teachers can use this check-in station to capture baseline information on how their kiddos are doing before,...
Tiptoe Reusable Playground Stencil
Flex those feet and tiptoe carefully with this stencil! Size: Each set of 3 strips are 2 feet, 10 inches long. Note that this is a flexible layout stencil, meaning that you can control the pattern and length to best fit your space.
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