USA Map Reusable Stencil
Endless educational possibilities with this engaging map! Large Stencil: Approximately 24 feet wide by 15 feet long. Hawaii and Alaska can be located proportionally or closer, depending on user’s needs. Small Stencil: Approximately 12 feet wide by 8 feet long. Hawaii and...
from $467.50
Nature Sensory Pathway SUPER STICKERS® Package
Our most popular sensory pathway as seen on NBC News New York back in 2019! This nature-themed bundle has all the essential sensory movements! When your students see these bright, welcoming graphics, they'll jump for joy! And so will your...
$701.50 from $605.00
Teachers will have lots of options to invent mathematical learning games.Use all 30 numbers and get creative with fun activities! Engage kids with these colorful numerical stickers, and make learning fun! Option A: Set includes numbers 1 - 10 Option...
from $95.00
Choose My Plate Reusable Stencil
Size: Plate portion is 7 feet 8 inches in diameter. Additional symbols, food graphics, and government logo are also included.
Jump Shape Names SUPER STICKERS®
We know kids retain more when they're able to move (jump, hop, crawl) while learning.Connect math and spacial concepts with movement. Visual cues help children remember - especially when they move and verbalize at the same time! Set consists of...
Alphabet Snake Reusable Stencil
Twist and turn through the jungle with this super-cute recess pal! Size: 7.5 feet wide by 11.5 feet long.
Hop Letters and Shapes® SUPER STICKERS®
Hop by letters, or hop by shapes. Either way, your students will be happy hopping.Integrate motor skills with cognitive learning! Challenge your kiddos to spell their favorite word while hopping, jumping, or leaping. Set consists of 26 alphabet stickers and...
Cross Midline Color Squares SUPER STICKERS®
Crossing arms to work their way down this pathway will lead to midline stimulation.These stickers are great for the hallway! Challenge your kiddos to reach across midline from R/L or L/R stretching as they go! Reminder - keep these stickers...
Peace Path by Soul Shoppe Reusable Stencil
Help kids work out their recess conflicts together with Soul Shoppe’s Peace Path! Soul Shoppe’s Peace Path is being used on thousands of playgrounds across the United States, giving students a chance to resolve conflicts peacefully, literally “step by step.”...
Uppercase Letter Reusable Stencil
Make your playground educational too with these letter stencils! Size: Letters are each approximately 10 inches in height. 
Buddy Circle™ Reusable Stencil
Our Buddy Circle was created as a wonderful tool to address student to student conflict. Use the Buddy Circle much like you would use a "talking bench" to help children work out differences. The words and are great reminders of...
Number & Symbol Reusable Stencil
Make recess fun AND educational with these versatile number and symbol stencils! Size: Numbers are approximately 10 inches high. Includes numbers and symbols shown.
Uppercase Letter Set SUPER STICKERS®
The uses are infinite for our Uppercase Letter Set.Extend the curriculum with these easy to recognize letters. Challenge kiddos to spell favorite words or their own name! Set consists of 26 alphabet stickers. Size: Each sticker is approximately 8 inches...
Spelling is out of this world!Get creative with these interdisciplinary stickers! Letter and color recognition can be used to stimulate young learners and movers! Set consists of 28 star stickers and movement word "March" sticker. Sizes: Each star sticker is...
Compass Rose Reusable Stencil
You'll never get lost with this compass! Size: Approx. 7 feet 2 inches wide
Door Angle Reusable Stencil
Check the degrees the moment you step outside! Size: Approximately 6 feet 10 inches wide by 3 feet 7 inches long.
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