Welcome to our Virtual Services and Events page! This is the best place to schedule that FREE, one-on-one, face-to-face discussion you need to get your project rolling. We'll be adding to this page with a lot more topics and options, so your feedback is always welcome. Scroll down to view current options and to set up a virtual meet. At the bottom of this page, you can view a previously recorded virtual meeting from a diverse panel of experts discussing physical activity, wellness and social-emotional concerns about school re-entry from August of 2020.


Having trouble visualizing your ideas? Finding it difficult to convey your ideas to your team? If your answer is "yes" to either of these questions, we can help. 

Schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with one of our dedicated on-staff designers to give us a sense of the scope of your project. We can help you select a suitable area, choose products within your budget and integrate best practices to ensure developmental appropriateness, effective sequencing and safe application.

For an additional fee, we can create full-color conceptual plans, which can be helpful for presentations or grant packages, giving you and your team an idea of how your play area or hallway will look when your project is complete. 

Good for 1-2 people.


Are you considering providing a sensory experience for your students? Not sure how to create an impactful sensory pathway that addresses your students' needs? 

Learn the basic concepts, planning strategies and management tips from our founder Pamela Gunther (architect and planner) and Dr. Timothy Davis of SUNY Cortland's Dept of Physical Education, Sensory Integration Motor Sensory and Multi-Sensory Environment (SIMS/MSE) Lab. 

Good for groups 1-5.


Would you like to turn your playground or recess area into a colorful, interactive environment that is thoughtful, inclusive and addresses the strategies outlined by the CDC? Meet with our founder Pamela Gunther (architect and planner) to learn about how easy it is to integrate the CDC strategies and latest trends in physical activities. 

Sign up for this presentation to learn organizational and visual planning tips from the playground pros! 

Good for groups 1-10.


Need help with finding and preparing grant applications? Grant preparation can be time consuming and difficult to navigate. Fit and Fun Playscapes can assist your funding efforts with our FREE, 30-minute Grant Assistance Service. A grant assistant will help you discuss key concepts by identifying and clarifying opportunities and needs.

For an additional fee, Fit and Fun Playscapes can connect you with an experienced grant writer to help you prepare a proposal that can be submitted to your school, writing group, funding source or other agency/foundation. 

Good for 1-2 people.


New to the Fit and Fun community? Well, this is a great way to start the collaboration! 

Meet our Community & Content Manager while he gives you a tour of our 3 main product lines: Reusable Stencils, Super Stickers® and Roll-out Activities® products. He'll go over how each product line is used, what concepts can be achieved, costs and options. He will also touch upon our custom design and planning services. You'll get lots of good ideas from this presentation. 

Good for any size group.



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