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Reusable outdoor stencils that can be painted and reused in various playspaces, great for DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. Fit and Fun Playscapes has the largest selection of reusable stencils, playground markings, and sensory stencils available, designed to be suitable for all types of budgets, spaces and kids! Our Reusable Stencils can be painted on the playground, on the sidewalk, the parking lot, or anywhere traditional paint can go! All of our Reusable Stencils products are made of high-quality, commercial-grade plastic and are manufactured right here in the USA.

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Our Reusable Stencils are made of high-quality, commercial-grade plastic. They are thick enough to be durable, and thin enough to use, roll, and store. Our Reusable Stencils can be used again and again, making them the perfect choice for schools, volunteers and parks. 

All of our Reusable Stencils include illustrated application instructions and tips, game ideas and add-on options to include planning services and pre-selected paint and supplies purchased directly through us. The paint we sell is a high-quality, commercial-grade Sherwin-Williams paint, made specifically for pavement, contains a special anti-skid additive, and is tinted to match the colors displayed on our site. 

Our Reusable Stencils feature really important qualities necessary to the safety, durability, and application of the painted games. Your volunteer painters will have a lot of questions about the planning, application, and use so we’ve tried to cover all their concerns. These quality features include:

    • Planning Resources: Please visit our Recess Resource Center for information and ideas on how to plan your playground painting project. Or you can order planning services by contacting us at (800) 681-0684 or
    • Durability: Our stencils are made of a thick, commercial grade material that is semi-rigid and durable. Depending on how well they are maintained, and following some of our tips, like chalking out the lines rather than going right to paint, they can be reused numerous times.
    • Paint Options: We recommend purchasing paint directly from us but you can purchase paint locally. The paint we sell is a high-quality, commercial-grade Sherwin-Williams paint, made specifically for pavement, contains a special anti-skid additive, and is tinted to match the colors displayed on our site. We include supplies as well such as brushes, rollers, trays, cups, etc. We also offer spray paints, which includes cans of spray paint only, in colors similar to those shown on our site.
    • Application Instructions: All of our Reusable Stencils include illustrated and video application instructions, and includes information about how many people are needed to paint and how much time is needed.  We provide some ideas on patterns but many of our Reusable Stencils can be applied in a variety of ways.
    • Game Ideas: All of our Reusable Stencils include activities and game ideas that can be used to explain how to use the games or provide a framework for children to create games and activities of their own.
    • Maintaining Your Stencils: Our Reusable Stencils features a thin film coating that can be used during painting, peeled and removed after application to make clean-up easy. We provide additional information on maintaining and cleaning your stencils with every purchase.
    • Storage: Storage of our Reusable Stencils depends on how it is shipped, but all stencils should be opened and unrolled immediately upon receipt.


Why They're Important

Unstructured play helps children build creativity and imagination, as well as develop problem-solving skills and social skills. Diversity of games is also important. It’s necessary to include all types of recess games available on the playground, since there are all types of kids: some games for mindfulness, educational games (like math equations or alphabet games), fitness games (like an agility ladder or four square) and sports games (like a basketball court key or kickball area) ensure a well-diversified playground that can be used for a variety of needs. Boredom breeds bullying.

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