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Sensory Pathways

A sensory pathway is an evidence-based, colorful, creative and playful way for kids to improve motor planning, fundamental motor skills, and build stronger sensory connections in the brain that are responsible for sight, touch, sound, balance, proprioception etc., which enable kids to complete complex, multi-stage tasks. Sensory pathways are also an important part of a larger umbrella concept called “sensory play.”
Exactly what it sounds like: play designed to stimulate and improve your child’s senses. Traditionally, sensory play is any play designed to improve a child’s ability to process and interpret sensory input from the environment. Sensory play can also be used to improve vestibular (balance), proprioception, spatial awareness, and motor planning in ALL kids including those with disabilities. Examples of sensory play can include anything from digging and playing in a sandbox (tactile) to hanging from a jungle gym (proprioception) to swinging on a swing set (vestibular). Sensory pathways are environments that are simply designed by a teacher to promote and encourage multiple opportunities to engage in sensory play.

Short answer: no one! Though a few have tried to say that they are the original creators of sensory pathways, there’s really no “first sensory path.” In reality, sensory pathways were developed piece-by-piece over many years with research from Occupational Therapists and Adapted Physical Education teachers.
Everyone and anyone! Although sensory pathways are often used to help children with spatial or learning disabilities catch up to their peers, sensory pathways have also been used effectively with adolescents, teenagers, and adults.

Super Stickers®

Super Stickers® are made of an adhesive vinyl made specifically for floors and are composed of 2 materials: the base floor graphic and a clear protective layer. Our Super Stickers® have a slightly textured surface that makes them safer for kids. The material is made by 3M, and they are the highest quality stickers that are made specifically for floors and walls. Films and tapes do not have these features. As a company that’s been around for about 10 years now, working with schools all over the country, and knowing the performance needs of these schools, we felt it would be irresponsible to sell anything else. We’ve done various in-house testing of other materials and have yet to find any other floor adhesive materials that meet the rigorous requirements of a school application.
The Super Stickers® can generally last for up to 4 years, however there are several factors that could affect the durability. These include surface condition, quality of preparation and application, location (in relation to foot traffic), temperature changes and maintenance to name a few.
Our Super Stickers® are of the highest quality when it comes to durability and safety. Some key features include:
They are UL Listed for slip resistance
They have a UV protective layer to maximize performance and durability
They are designed with air-release channels that make installation easier
They are made with a special adhesive that allows for a residue-free removal from most floor and wall surfaces
Floors: Waxed vinyl, sealed concrete, marble, ceramic tile, sealed wood and terrazzo.

Walls: Super Stickers® will stick to most walls that are clean and damage free, including painted gypsum board and concrete block. Keep in mind that the stickers, when removed, may remove the paint underneath depending on how long the stickers have been in place, the quality and number of layers of the paint. Testing with a sample is recommended before actual application.

Carpet: Although not approved for this application, we have seen some success depending on the carpet. Low-pile, loop carpets seem to work well; however, there is the possibility that they could leave some adhesive residue on the carpet when removed, like any adhesive material.

We are happy to send you a free sample to test on the surface you intend to install them on. Testing with a sample is recommended before actual application; however, we cannot be responsible for any damage that occurs during the testing process.
Currently, we do not have an approved sealant from 3M. If the concern is that students will pick at stickers and the sealant is to prevent that, the truth is that no matter what sticker or sealant you use, kids are pretty good at picking through things and a sealant would not do much to prevent that. Our Super Stickers® are thicker and difficult to tear, so “pickers” will have a tough time.
Super Stickers® are designed to be used indoors. They can stick to some outdoor surfaces but they are not designed to withstand those conditions. We are currently researching outdoor options, so please contact us so we can reach you when an outdoor material is launched. In the meantime, we have many Reusable Stencils that can be used for sensory pathways.
In most instances, yes they can, if not sealed over with wax, and depending upon how clean the surfaces are and how often the stickers are used. In general, 5-10 times. However, be aware that the more they are re-used the less “sticky” they become since school floors and walls typically have some dust, dirt or grime on them. In addition, continual application and reapplication on the same surfaces may damage wall surfaces, depending on paint. Testing with a sample is recommended before actual application.
Unfortunately, no and here is why. As a DIY product, there are many factors that could affect the actual durability of them including condition of flooring or wall, quality of preparation and application, and maintenance, location, temperature changes and foot traffic, to name a few. We’d love to warranty these, but since there are conditions we cannot control, we simply cannot.
No, and there are several reasons why not. The materials that we use are of the highest quality specifically designed for applicable commercial surfaces. Using materials that are not commercial grade and do not meet the high standards of institutional settings, will adversely affect longevity, durability and could be damaging to the surfaces.

Secondly, many of our designs are original artwork that are identified as protected by copyright and/or trademark. Copying all, part, or creating a derivative work of any of our protected designs would be an infringement of these protections and we do legally pursue all infringements to the fullest extent.

For maximum durability, we recommend stripping the floors of any wax or finish, adhering the stickers to the floor, and then applying a wax (2-5 coats typically), if used. The stickers can adhere to most floors without stripping and waxing, so you can adhere them on top of the wax, but it’s not recommended for durability, or in most high-trafficked floor areas, and can affect your ability to reposition stickers.
Waxing is recommended for added protection, however, if you do not normally wax your flooring, you do not need to wax over the stickers.
Depending on the individual set, 5 minutes to 20 minutes for one person. Packages can take 1-3 hours for one person to apply. Larger sized stickers should be installed by 2 people. Please note that these timeframes do not include prep, planning, waxing, or cleanup.
For best results, we highly recommend purchasing an application kit. In the event that you decide to hire a professional installer, you should confirm that they have the appropriate tools needed for installation. We provide a list of all necessary supplies with every purchase.
No, installation services are not needed. Our Super Stickers® are made of commercial-grade materials which are extremely durable, easy to layout and apply and our instructions are simple to follow. Before beginning, read our instructions and watch our installation videos for more information. If you prefer a professional installation, you can find a local installer via 3M's Installer Locator Tool. Using a local source usually is the most economical and efficient choice.
The Super Stickers® are maintained using regular custodial floor maintenance routines. If you apply the stickers to a floor that is routinely maintained using buffing or scrubbing equipment, wax the sticker as soon as possible after applying it to the floor. This protects the sticker from premature wear due to routine floor maintenance. Following the application and waxing, keep the sticker and surrounding floor surface clean and dry for at least four hours; do not scrub or buff the area during that time.

If the Super Stickers® have been waxed over with several layers of wax, then buffing, sanding, or stripping is possible. Do not buff, sand, or strip Super Stickers® that have not been waxed. Based on customer trial and feedback, our Super Stickers® can be stripped of floor wax, lightly sanded to remove floor wax, buffed and rewaxed while still maintaining their adhesive quality. However, we are still gathering data and research, and due to various stripping detergents, equipment, results can vary. It is recommended to test a small area prior to buffing or stripping the entire area.

Reusable Stencils

All of our Reusable Stencils are made of high-quality, commercial-grade plastic and are manufactured in the U.S.
They are thick enough to be durable, and thin enough to use, roll, and store.
Depending on how well they are maintained, and following some of our tips, like chalking out the lines rather than going right to paint, they can be reused numerous times. For example, one set was used over 40 times by a customer, in part by using this method.
No, they do not, but paint can be ordered separately through us on our Paint & Supplies page.
No, due to many variables, such as different types of paint, level of use, sharing of stencils, and the fact that it is a DIY project, we are unable to warranty the stencils.
You may use the Reusable Stencils at up to 10 different site locations, so for example, up to 10 schools within a district could share one set.
Yes, we can typically do that for no additional costs. We ask that information is provided to us so we can keep record of it, in case there are any issues, and in return, perhaps post something on social media if you are satisfied with the outcome.
We’ve been in business selling stencils for almost 10 years and have had very few reports of stencils breaking or not working properly, and the few that have were found to be from significant abuse such as putting heavy objects on a roll of stencils, or using caustic cleaners and some spray paints. If used and cleaned according to the instructions provided, they should last for several years.
The Reusable Stencils are typically used outdoors on pavement, and were designed with that intended use; however, the stencils are like templates and can be used indoors as well. We would recommend that a different paint be used; one that is compatible with your surface(s).
We do not, as this was developed as a DIY product. However, if you desire a professional installation, we have a network of Sherwin-Williams painters and can put you in touch with some options. Before beginning, read our instructions and watch our installation videos for more information.
The best way to clean and maintain the Reusable Stencils is to wash them with warm soapy water as soon as possible. Dried on paint may be able to be peeled away carefully, but if there is too much build up removing the paint may crack the stencil. Never use harsh chemicals to clean stencils as that may damage the material.
Smaller stencils can lay flat. Some of the larger stencils should be stored rolled up, taped and placed on end or on their side. If the large stencils have large cut-out patterns, the roll may not stand up on it’s end so laying the roll on it’s side would be necessary.
Please pay special attention to preparation instructions to ensure your surfaces have been properly prepared prior to painting. Please follow the instructions and guidelines on the paint cans for surface cleaning and preparation, and follow recommendations for temperature, humidity, and take into consideration the weather forecasts in the days before and after painting.
It depends on the paint, as well as your location, number of coats, condition of pavement, snow removal methods and foot traffic. Sherwin-Williams paint can last for several years, slowly wearing over time. Pavement paint can usually last 4-5 years as a national average. Cheaper paints not specifically made for pavement will wear much sooner, maybe 2-3 years until reapplication is needed. Keep in mind that paint will fade slowly over time and can be touched up with your stencils.
In general, the supplies include containers of paint, matched to the pattern shown, slip-resistance additive for large patterns, paint brushes and/or rollers, plastic sheeting, and paint cups and/or trays. We include a list of other supplies you may already have.
If you are ordering more than one stencil or package, we have two paint estimating services available. The first option is the Whole Order Estimate which is free and provides a total cost for paint and supplies. It does NOT provide an itemization of the amount of each color paint and supplies. The second option is our Custom Estimate Service, for a fee of $75, we can estimate how much paint and supplies you will need, provide you with an itemized list including the amount of each color paint and supplies.
We recommend purchasing the paint directly from us. The paint we sell is a high-quality, commercial-grade paint, made specifically for pavement, tinted to match the colors displayed on our site, and contains a special anti-skid additive. Check out our Paint & Supplies page for additional details.
Look for a commercial-grade paint, made specifically for pavement. An option is to order our Custom Estimate Service, and for a fee of $75, we can estimate how much paint and supplies you will need, and provide you with an itemized list including the amount of each color paint and supplies. Keep in mind that the paint coverage our estimates use may be different than the paint you may choose.
Yes you can, but we do not recommend it given the special nature of this application. We work with a specific national Sherwin-Williams rep whose role is to manage the stores filling our orders, as many questions from the local stores do come up. If you have special pricing please let us know what store you deal with, and the special pricing, and we will confirm that the special rate is applicable to this kind of paint. Many times it is not.
The paint we have online is for outdoor use on pavement. If you plan to use the paint indoors, we would recommend you choose a different paint that is compatible with the surface you are painting.
If you purchase the paint through us, the paint does not need to be sealed afterwards.
If unopened, it can be stored for 6 months, as long as it is stored in accordance with the instructions on the paint can, including storing indoors and ensuring the paint does not freeze. Paint will need to be mixed before using again.
Some pavements need to cure before painting. You may need to wait several months to paint on new asphalt and a full month to paint on concrete. If your pavement is new, we can have a Sherwin Williams representative visit your location to determine if your pavement is ready to be painted.
There is a chance that it may not. If you have sealed concrete and would like to paint games on it, please contact us to discuss options.
Testing with a sample is recommended before actual application, as there are chemicals in spray chalk paints that could potentially react with the stencil material and damage them.
There are chemicals in spray paints that could react with the stencil material and damage them, therefore we do not recommend using spray paints. We can send you a sample to test it out if you’d like.
Yes, it can, as long as all the instructions are followed on the can, including compression psi and spray tip size and no other chemicals are used. Please note that the anti-skid may clog some machines, requiring monitoring and maintenance.

Roll-Out Activities®

They are made of a thick, reinforced vinyl material.
They were designed for indoor use. They can be used outside, but the durability will be adversely affected.
They can last several years, depending on how well they are maintained and stored, and amount of use. We are currently estimating 2-3 years minimum for typical use.
They are simply unrolled and stay positioned on the floor in most applications, with no adhesive or tape. If they shift underfoot or are curled at the edges (which can happen if stored for a long time), you can stretch them out and place thick tape at the edges, like duct tape or other tape that will not damage your floor. It is recommended that the material on your floor be tested to ensure that slippery conditions are not present before use.
The Roll-Out Activities® are mats that are placed on the floor. They should be placed in areas of low traffic, and for specific purposes, and not left out for long periods of time. The floors should be indoor, dry, and free of dirt, dust, or debris. If you plan to use tape, test tape to make sure no residue is left on the floor or the flooring comes up with the tape.
Not under normal conditions, on dry, indoor and dust, debris, and dirt free floors. The reinforced material gives the surface a little traction underfoot and the wide length helps the game stay in position. It is recommended that the Roll-Out Activities® be tested for slip before use.
They can be cleaned with mild soap and water using a light, gentle, circular motion. Please note that significant scuffs and stains may require scrubbing which may remove or smudge ink. Do not use abrasive cleaning tools or harsh cleaning chemicals. It is recommended that the cleaner you use be tested in a small corner area before using it on the whole game.


You can see, feel, and test the difference quality materials make by ordering our sample kit! Our sample kit contains a flyer about our 3 main product lines and one 6 inch sample of each product — Reusable Stencils, Super Stickers®, and Roll-Out Activities®. If you’d like to order a sample kit, please click here.
Yes, you can shop online and pay with your credit card during the checkout process, or call us at 800-681-0684 to process your payment over the phone.
Yes, a check or money order in U.S. funds, drawn from banks located within the United States only and in the full amount including shipping are accepted. Use the shopping cart feature to determine shipping charges or contact us at 800-681-0684 or info@fitandfunllc.com for an estimate. Mail payment with a copy of your estimate or cart to:
Fit and Fun Playscapes LLC, 3182 Route 9, Suite 111, Cold Spring, NY 10516. Once payment is received, the order will be processed.
Yes, we do accept Purchase Orders. A Purchase Order stating the full amount including shipping charges will be accepted from local, state, and federal governments, and public and private schools within the United States. A copy of a signed and approved purchase order on institution letterhead is required. Email your Purchase Order to info@fitandfunllc.com, or feel free to upload a Purchase Order online. Payment terms are net 30 days.
Fit and Fun Playscapes monitors our status within each state to ensure we are compliant with all state regulations. Fit and Fun Playscapes, at this time, has not met the threshold to collect sales tax in any states, other than New York and Florida. In New York and Florida, we are only required to collect sales tax on nonexempt customers. We ask that all New York or Florida customers understand their exemption status and provide documentation of such as required.

Shipping and Returns

Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders over $500 in the continental U.S. only!
For continental U.S. orders under $500, there is a flat rate of $20 for Super Stickers® and Roll-Out Activities®, and $50 for Reusable Stencils. We offer free shipping on all orders over $500 in the continental U.S. only!
Super Stickers® ship within 3 business days, via UPS Ground.
Roll-Out Activities® ship within 4-5 business days via UPS Ground.
Reusable Stencils ship within 10-15 business days, via UPS Ground.
Paint Supplies are hand-delivered (where available) within 5-10 business days of purchase by Sherwin-Williams. Sherwin-Williams will contact you directly to schedule delivery.
Accessories (Game Pieces and Discs) ship within 4-5 business days via UPS or Fedex Ground.

Super Stickers® and Roll-Out Activities® ship with 2-3 business days. Expedited shipping may be available for an additional charge. Please request prior to placing your order, by calling (800) 681-0684 or emailing us at info@fitandfunllc.com

Reusable Stencils can take between 10-15 business days in production. We may be able to accommodate requests for expedited production, for an additional charge. Please request prior to placing your order, by calling (800) 681-0684 or emailing us at info@fitandfunllc.com

Please plan installation for at least 1 week after the estimated delivery date in case of any errors or delays. 

Yes, we ship internationally to Canada, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, and the U.K. Please contact us for International Shipping rates. All International orders must be prepaid.
Because our products are custom prepared upon ordering, all sales are final. If you mistakenly ordered the wrong product, please contact us to discuss possible exchange options. If an exchange is available, a restocking fee will apply.
Please check the package for all products immediately upon receipt. If you have ordered Super Stickers® that are packed on a cardboard tube, please be sure to check inside the tube, as sometimes there may be words or smaller items packed inside the tube.

If you feel as though products were damaged in shipping, or are missing, please contact Fit and Fun Playscapes within 5 days of receiving of your order. Please send photos of the box and all contents to info@fitandfunllc.com. We will review, and if determined to be damaged during delivery or products are missing, we will send you a replacement.
No refunds are given for used or mishandled products, so please read all instructions provided in email when your order was delivered. Fit and Fun Playscapes is not liable for any damaged products resulting from improper handling, storage, or use.

Custom Orders

Fit and Fun Playscapes can transform your logo, graphic, mascot, or almost any idea into Reusable Stencils, Super Stickers® or Roll-Out Activities®. Our professional designers can collaborate with you on new ideas or work with something you may already have in mind. 

We work with schools, hospitals, museums and municipal agencies to customize and complement our existing line to suit your needs or design something completely new. To get started, contact us at 800-681-0684 or custom@fitandfunllc.com.
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