Our Story

Everyone comes to Fit and Fun Playscapes with a story, a story about how they want to create or improve recess, physical education, or wellness opportunities in their school, neighborhood or community. Some of our customers come looking for playground stencils, others for sensory pathway stickers or recess games. Despite their different needs, we’ve come to realize that all of our customers have something in common: a passion for their goals and a keen vision for their community. At Fit and Fun Playscapes, we take pride in making each story into an epic creation.

Founded in 2011, Fit and Fun Playscapes was created by a mother of three young boys in response to the need for colorful, innovative games that would engage kids longer, motivate them to be more physically active, keep them productive, and integrate educational concepts kinesthetically. After years of getting to know our customers’ needs and a lot of research and development, we’ve expanded our products and services to include affordable playground game planning, high-quality paint kits, bright sensory pathways and fun, indoor portable game solutions, but we’re more than just a company. We’ve built an engaging community filled with key tools and resources for curious educators and parents who want to help their kids work towards a healthier, smarter, more active lifestyle.

Meet The Team

We pride ourselves on professional and personable service, a team of highly engaged, passionate, knowledgeable staff, and on helping our customers create environments supportive of physical activity for children everywhere. Your project deserves the right touch. At Fit and Fun Playscapes, we pledge to help every single one of our customers bring their recess or sensory pathway idea to life, from start to finish.

Pam G.

Founder & CEO

Mitzy F.

Operations Manager

Todd W.

Production Manager

Lorraine M.

Customer Care

Todd S.

Community & Content Manager

Katie L.

User Experience Strategist

Laura D.

Customer Care

Kimberlee M.

Graphic Designer

Sandra E.

Production Associate

Maria B.

Packaging Specialist

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