Nature Sensory Path SUPER STICKERS® Package

SS 7700
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Engaging movement opportunities that entice individuals to navigate their natural environment with one of our most popular products!  Create sensory paths, transition zones, therapeutic spaces, pathways for play, activity trails, and areas for motor development practice. Super Stickers® are made of commercial-grade materials by 3M to ensure maximum performance, safety and durability.

What is the benefit? Enhances instructional and personal experiences by establishing a variable and scalable platform to carry out movement development or expression activities. Helpful for sensory de-escalation, self-regulation skills and positive behavior intervention supports. Additional uses include but are not limited to the creation of indoor nature play areas or visual prompts to transition individuals to and from desired destinations.

How does it work? Promotes traditional and non-traditional locomotor and non-locomotor movement patterns, social and communicative exchanges, as well as individual expressions of joyful engagement.

Where would this go? Entrance and main walk ways, zones that can encourage transition from one area to another, central movement spaces, waiting areas, and other designated places where movement / personal expression would enhance the personal experience. 

NOW available in FRENCH and SPANISH versions!

Learn about how Super Stickers® get applied, maintained and installed.

Includes planning and user guide, video and written application instructions and application kit(s). Sizes: Layouts are flexible and can be adjusted to fit in your space.

  • Starter package recommended for space approximately 10 feet x 30 feet.
  • Premium package recommended for space approximately 10 feet x 50 feet.
  • Deluxe package recommended for space approximately 10 feet x 70 feet.
Crab Crawl
Wall Push-Up  
Tiptoe Loop®
Hop Letters & Shapes®    
Tree Pose    
Application Kit x1 x2 x3
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FREE SAMPLE KIT: If you'd like to get a first-hand look at any one of our products, we offer Free Sample Kits! Each kit contains a Super Sticker, Roll-Out Activity, and Reusable Stencil material sample – we'll even cover the cost of shipping! Get a Free Sample Kit.

Our Super Stickers® meet the highest safety and maintenance standards making them the favorite among schools all over the world. They are pre-cut, slip resistant, extremely durable and are made by 3M specifically for floors and walls. And the best part? There's no professional installation required! Please note that our Super Stickers® are for indoor applications only. Please refer to our FAQ Page for approved surface applications.

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to learn more about the specific qualities and benefits of using Super Stickers® or download the Fit and Fun Playscapes Catalog.

As a premium material, our Super Stickers® feature important qualities that are necessary to the safety, durability, and maintenance of the stickers. Your custodial staff will have a lot of questions about the application, maintenance, and removal, so we’ve tried to cover all their concerns. These quality features include: “SuperStickerFeatures”
Anti-Slip Surface: Safety is paramount. Designed with a slightly textured surface that is UL-listed for slip resistance, making them safer for kids.
Protective Coating: Built with a clear layer that protects the graphic from foot traffic, spills, typical wear and tear, and damaging sunlight.
Quality Adhesive: Designed with 3Ms Advanced Adhesive Technology™ specifically for floors and flat surfaces which makes removal easy, leaving little to no residue behind.
Flammability: Class A fire rating, which meets typical fire rating requirements.
Bubble-Free Material: Built-in air release channels help minimize the formation of bubbles during application, allowing for a seamless installation.
Repositionable: Pressure-sensitive, repositionable adhesive allows for easy adjustments during application.
Low-Glare Finish: We chose a lustrous finish instead of gloss, which is important in case emergency access is needed resulting in minimal distraction and glare.
Application of Wax: For maximum durability, we recommend applying a few layers of wax once installed, however this is optional due to their built-in protective coating.
Endless Possibilities: Get creative! Our Super Stickers® can be applied in any layout, order, and pattern imaginable to better suit your space and needs.
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